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MotoSalas Law handles sophisticated trademark matters for small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies, prosecuting trademark applications and obtaining and maintaining registrations, both domestically and internationally.  In addition, MotoSalas Law clears titles and provides opinions, as well as handling proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. 

Trademark Policing and Litigation

MotoSalas Law represents clients at every stage of trademark disputes – pre-litigation analysis, cease and desist, preliminary injunctions and temporary restraining orders, discovery and summary judgment practice, mediation, trial, and appeal.

MotoSalas Law relies upon strong trademark policing efforts and the judicious use of protest letters to afford clients ongoing protection against trademark dilution and infringement while relieving them from the burden of conducting their own policing investigations.  Such efforts frequently enable clients to put a halt to third party encroachment before it leads to expensive and time-consuming litigation.

When disputes rise to the level of litigation, MotoSalas Law represent clients before the federal courts and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. MotoSalas Law has extensive experience handling all phases of federal trademark litigation.

Apart from handling litigations, MotoSalas Law also effectively manages smaller proceedings, such as inter-parties actions before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and cases for individual trademark owners.

Securing and Maintaining Trademarks and Brand Names

MotoSalas Law prosecutes and maintains thousands of trademark applications and registrations worldwide every year and has obtained trademark and copyright protection for numerous products brands and creative works. 

MotoSalas Law acts as key advisors to companies in developing strategies for marketing their products and services, handling various aspects of brand development and protection. MotoSalas Law helps its clients secure marks previously owned by third parties and investigates and resolves potentially problematic priority disputes. MotoSalas Law also helps clients maximize their portfolio value by assessing and identifying marks that require enhanced protection and advises on marks that should be discontinued. 

Trademark and Title Clearance, Evaluation, and Opinions

MotoSalas Law employs a sophisticated strategy for evaluating the availability of proposed marks and titles, identifying potentially problematic third party references as early as possible in the search process. MotoSalas Law also investigates potentially problematic uses of marks by third parties. The firm’s opinions prepared on behalf of clients are then based on in-depth investigations. For broader international searching and investigation, MotoSalas Law relies on its network of lawyers at non-U.S. law firms. MotoSalas Law also conducts a considerable amount of knockout screening searches using third party vendors.


The brand management services that MotoSalas Law provides to its clients help them to increase their exposure and marketability, while defending against counterfeits that threaten their value. MotoSalas Law has represented companies that use more hundreds of brands worldwide, and provides intellectual property policing programs and trademark watch services that alert us to potential issues against which its clients may need to take action. 

MotoSalas Law handles everything from the initial research and protest of infringing uses to litigation against infringing uses before federal courts or the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. MotoSalas Law assists its clients in every aspect of their anti-counterfeiting and antipiracy efforts, from investigations, ex parte seizures and preliminary injunctions, to computer forensic analysis. Furthermore, MotoSalas Law has developed strong anti-counterfeiting/piracy programs for its clients to optimize their brand management.



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