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Intellectual Property

intellectual property acquisition, prosecution, protection litigation


MotoSalas Law advises its clients on all legal aspects of intellectual property development, acquisition, prosecution, protection, and strategy. Drawing from both transactional and litigation backgrounds, MotoSalas Law routinely assists clients with securing the rights in the intellectual property necessary both to operate their existing business and to enter new markets. MotoSalas Law also partners with non-IP attorneys and law firms without IP capabilities or practices to provide IP-related services (litigation, counseling, and transactional legal services) on behalf of the attorneys’ clients.

MotoSalas Law has extensive experience in securing the ownership of intellectual property and then developing strategies for protection of that intellectual property through selective use of governmental registrations, contracts, and litigation. MotoSalas Law helps clients implement those strategies and ensures that the applicable filings, policing, and protection activities are appropriately prioritized. MotoSalas Law also helps clients assess whether intellectual property ownership is the right model in each instance, and, when it is not, works with clients to license the necessary rights. MotoSalas Law has in-depth knowledge and experience gained from representing both licensors and licensees, which allows us to help our clients avoid common pitfalls and gain protections to safeguard their intellectual property rights. 

MotoSalas Law has litigated intellectual property matters in federal and state courts. Having handled complex cases involving patents, copyrights trademarks, licensing disputes, and trade secrets, MotoSalas Law is able to provide the full range of litigation services, including local counsel services to general and IP litigation counsel based outside of Arizona. MotoSalas Law has a record of success representing both plaintiffs and defendants in intellectual property disputes.



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