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Intellectual Property Litigation

intellectual property litigation


When unable to avoid disputes, clients and non-IP attorneys turn to MotoSalas Law’s winning IP litigation strategies that enable clients to present clear and compelling cases and achieve favorable results in the courtroom and before arbitrators.

MotoSalas Law is dedicated to helping its clients build, utilize, and protect a broad portfolio of intellectual property and innovative products. To do so, MotoSalas Law leverages education and professional experiences in engineering and other technology-related fields to better represent clients in all stages of litigation, whether it is patent, trade secret, copyright, or trademark litigation matters for both rights holders and accused infringers. However, MotoSalas Law’s aggressive policing efforts frequently result in favorable agreements without the need for litigation. 

In addition to providing primary IP litigation counsel services, MotoSalas Law routinely provides local counsel services within Arizona to out-of-state attorneys whose clients have IP litigation needs within Arizona’s borders in the U.S. District of Arizona or Arizona state courts.



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