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Patent Prosecution



MotoSalas Law’s client-service focused patent prosecution practice helps its clients protect their innovation and gain a competitive edge in the market. 

At the concept development stage, MotoSalas Law works with its clients to ensure that their creative efforts, innovations, and patents align with those plans and goals. MotoSalas Law evaluates patents and prior art to provide thorough opinions on patentability. Through in-depth investigations and detailed search reports, MotoSalas Law provides clearance opinions on whether an innovation can go to market, and validity opinions on the strength of existing patents. If MotoSalas Law encounters problematic third-party patents, MotoSalas Law helps clients redirect their innovation efforts, minimizing the likelihood of significant investment losses and infringement challenges.

MotoSalas Law guides its clients through the process of implementing invention disclosure policies, providing guidelines for client inventors concerning the scope of information, materials, descriptions, and drawings that should be included in an invention disclosure report.  The policies also establish guidelines for referencing prior art, distinguishing the invention from the prior art, and describing the critical parts and features that make up the invention.

MotoSalas Law keeps informed of its clients' business goals, adapting its strategy recommendations to help its clients accomplish their objectives, taking into account whether its clients are seeking to maximize the value of their patents or maintain a purely defensive posture.

Patent Transactions and Counseling

MotoSalas Law has experience in all areas of patent transactions, including counseling, due diligence, licensing, and patent portfolio management, as well as opinion work in support of those transactions. Its clients, from Fortune 500 companies to innovative startups and individual inventors, rely on the firm to provide strategic patent counseling; advise on high-stakes licensing transactions; render opinions; and provide guidance on how to manage and develop their patent portfolios to ensure long-term growth.


MotoSalas Law provides its clients with extensive counseling in the areas of intellectual property development, protection, and licensing. MotoSalas Law advises its clients on the best strategies to protect their key technology developments, to evaluate litigation risks, and where possible, to avoid conflicts with the intellectual property rights of others. MotoSalas Law’s extensive technical and legal expertise allows us to better understand the intellectual property problems encountered by companies in today's environment.

Litigation Counseling

When litigation is threatened, MotoSalas Law can provide timely and thorough opinions on issues of patent validity, infringement, and enforceability. MotoSalas Law also advises clients on procedures such as mini-trials, arbitrations, and mediations, all of which can avoid costly, time-consuming court litigations.

Design Patent

In addition to the more common utility patents, MotoSalas Law has successfully filed applications for design patents for a wide range of products and technologies. Its design patent prosecution practice is bolstered by its extensive experience in counseling its clients on questions of infringement, validity, and freedom to operate.



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