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MotoSalas Law brand and trademark management


MotoSalas Law has extensive experience in strategic planning and enforcement of trademarks and related intellectual property assets, regularly representing clients in all phases of brand management, including trademark, domain name and copyright acquisition as well as clearance, monitoring, protection and administrative proceedings. MotoSalas maintains a substantial trademark portfolio for companies in a variety of industries, including electronics, entertainment, retail, advertising, consumer products, and nutritional supplements. In addition, MotoSalas Law frequently prepares co-branding, co-existence and merchandising licenses, often on behalf of clients whose corporate counsel or law firms do not have such capabilities and experience.

MotoSalas Law acts as key advisors to companies in developing strategies for marketing their products and services and handling various aspects of development and protection for well-known brands. MotoSalas Law helps its clients prudently acquire marks owned by third parties, and investigates and resolves potentially problematic priority disputes. MotoSalas Law also help clients maximize their portfolio value by assessing and identifying marks that require enhanced protection, and advise on marks that should be discontinued. 



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